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by Kevin Ruble

Rising Sun Design can take your ideas for a new home or remodel and turn them into working construction drawings. We use computer aided design to provide not only construction drawings but also photorealistic exterior and interior renderings. This gives clients a true sense of what their project will really look like. Take a look at the gallery to see what we mean.

How we differ from an architect:

Our services are geared towards the prospective home builder that is looking to save some money during the design and drafting process. Our plans provide complete construction drawings that a competent general contractor can build from. However, where an architect would source, list and draw every little detail, down to a nailing schedule, we leave the sourcing and specification of materials to you and your builder (and trust that a competent contractor knows how to nail together a house). This leaves you and your builder to choose your flooring, countertops, cabinet choices, etc. This provides you more flexibility and greatly reduces the cost of your construction documents.

Rising Sun Design has been providing house designs and drafting services to the Tobacco Valley of Northwest Montana since 2003. We have been involved in the design and planning of over 60 homes and several commercial buildings throughout the valley.

If you are interested in Rising Sun Design providing you with house plans please send an E-mail. Initial consultations are free.